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Aug 23

Using BIM for Safety Risk Management

The Health & Safety at Work 2015 act (HSAW 2015) is a game changer for building owners and property managers. Combine that with the mandatory requirements from the Asbestos Regulations 2016, many existing buildings present some major challenges in delivering an effective Safety Risk Management Plan. The documentation that is generated in the process of managing […]

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May 15

How to download, install and activate your Autodesk Subscription software

Follow these steps to get your new Autodesk subscription software up and running: Note: these instructions are for single user subscription licenses only. Multi-user licenses are installed and activated in a different way.Order Confirmation / Upgrade emailThe person who ordered the software, known as your Primary Admin will receive an order confirmation or upgrade notification email […]

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Feb 02

How to get Wellington Area Site & Terrain Information

This post documents a presentation I did at Revit User Group Wellington RUGwell in July 2015 on how to use the Koordinates.com web site to get site contours and boundary information to create toposurfaces and boundary lines. A lot of this information is free! The fist step is to log onto Koordinates.com. Create an account […]

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Jan 12

Autodesk Product Downloads

Subscription Customers:Browse to manage.autodesk.com and log on with your Autodesk ID that is linked to your contract​. All your software, including previous versions and serial numbers will be listed on the Products Tab, along with download links.(your Autodesk ID will have been sent to you from Autodesk when your subscription contract was set up. If […]

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Nov 24

Creating Roofs with Cappings within Revit and Revit LT

We often get asked how to create ridge cappings for simple residential roofs within Revit and Revit LT.This video tutorial shows how to create the framing “zone”, cladding, barge/ridge cappings in a quick and easy way by using the copy/paste tools and then editing the roof. Then add fasicas and gutters.​Note that the “additional” roofs created using […]

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Oct 10

Revit Phases in Navisworks

When exporting a Revit model to Navisworks, the default settings do not export the phase properties. You have to change some setting to enable this to happen: From Revit Application Menu > Export > NWC > Navisworks Settings. On the File Readers > Revit list, ensure “Convert element properties is checked” You may want to […]

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