How to download, install and activate your Autodesk Subscription software

May 15

Follow these steps to get your new Autodesk subscription software up and running:

Note: these instructions are for single user subscription licenses only. Multi-user licenses are installed and activated in a different way.

  1. Order Confirmation / Upgrade email
    The person who ordered the software, known as your contract manager or software coordinator (CM or SC) will receive an order confirmation or upgrade notification email from Autodesk. This contains the latest version product information including contract #, serial # and product key.

    Note: This information is for the current version only and can’t be used if you want to install a previous version. Your current subscription contract typically entitles you to install up to 3 previous version. All previous version  information is obtained from your Autodesk Account – see below.

  2. Download the installation files from Autodesk Account
    The CM or SC (or Named User - see step 6 below) can log into Autodesk Account to access all information about your software including:
    - Download links for current and 3 previous versions
    - All serial # and product keys needed for installation/activation

    Note: For new contracts the serial # for previous versions may not be listed. These will get automatically generated when that version has been downloaded.

    The CM or SC’s login name is usually their email address. You can get a new password sent to this address by hitting the Forgot Password link.
    If you do not know the login name, or your CM/SC has changed, contact

  3. Install from Download
    Depending on the download method selected, the installation will start automatically or you may have to start it manually by double clicking on the downloaded file.
    2016 and older versions – the serial # and product key is entered at the beginning of installation.
    2017 & newer versions - the serial # is entered after installation.

  4. Activation (2016 & older) – Start the software, and follow the activation process.
  5. Activation (2017 & newer) - Start the Software – Enter Serial Number.
    Select the option to enter a serial number – use the correct serial # for the version as described above.

    If you have purchased a single user license for use by one person on one device, you are good to go.

    If you are a single user in a company with several licenses, you may need to be set up as a user in Autodesk Account and granted access to the software – see below.

  6. Set up named User Access
    The CM or SC will need to login to Autodesk Account.
    On the Users tab, select an existing user, or create a new user if required (you need to supply their company email address, first name & last name)
    Hit the Edit Access link next to their name and assign them to the software.

    The user will now be able to sign-in to the software to use it.

If you need any assistance getting you software up and running, try these resources:

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