Switch to Autodesk Subscription

May 19

Switch from maintenance to Autodesk subscription and secure discounted pricing as long as you renew.

At time of renewal, you can choose to move to subscription for the same cost as your maintenance plan renewal. As long as you continue to renew, you’ll enjoy special pricing, which will be lower than maintenance plan renewal pricing and far below the cost of purchasing a new subscription.


If the timing doesn’t work for you now, you can switch to subscription next year or the year after.

Why switch now?

  • The convenience of charging subscription cost annually to projects;
  • Frequent product updates that you can decide when to consume;
  • More convenient support including “schedule a call” for faster engagement times;
  • Simpler administration of software when standardising products on subscription;

What are the benefits of switching to subscription?

  • The price to switch will increase 5% in 2018 and another 5% in 2019, so the earlier you switch to subscription, the less it will cost.

Key points:

If you stay on Maintenance:
  • You can keep renewing your same product(s) for the foreseeable future;
  • Prices will increase by 5% in 2017, 10% in 2018, and 20% in 2019. These prices are cumulative;
  • You keep your Perpetual licenses. That means if you stop renewing your maintenance, your software will be locked at the current version and keep working as long as operating systems (Windows or Mac) support it;
If you switch to Subscription:
  • Autodesk will recognise your previous investment and discount the subscription price so that it is roughly the same as the 2017 maintenance renewal price;
  • This discount will decrease in 2018 and again in 2019, so the earlier you switch to a subscription, the less it will cost and the more you’ll save compared to those who wait to move, or choose to stay on maintenance;
  • Depending on when you switch, Autodesk will lock in your discounted price for up to three years and you will continue to receive discounted pricing for as long as you renew;
  • Your licenses will change from Perpetual to Term. This means if you stop renewing, the software will stop working at the end of the term. This could be a big consideration depending on your business model and we are happy to discuss the implications of this further;
  • You do not need to switch all your licenses at once, it can be staged if you want;

We are happy to discuss this with you so you make the right decision.

Please email us on cadsupport@caduceus.co.nz or call on 04 802 4345

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