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May 15

Global Outbreak of WannaCryptor

15 May 2017: I’m sure you will have heard or read about the ‘Massive Cyberattack’ that hit the world news late on Friday, but just in case you haven’t, here are some things you need to know. Summary of what happens:This malware is the type that blocks access to your files (by encrypting them), then ransoms them […]

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Feb 01

Microsoft will soon end Office 2013 distribution through Office 365

1 February 2017 ​This article originally appeared in Get ready, Office365 administrators: Microsoft is ending support for the Office 2013 client apps that it previously distributed through its cloud-based productivity service. Instead, administrators and users will be pushed to use Office 2016, the latest version of the productivity suite that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Starting on […]

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Aug 11

Cryptolocker Outbreak 2

11 August 2016 Caduceus wishes to advise all our customers of a new variant of the Cryptolocker Virus that is hitting mailboxes at the moment.​ The emails we have seen claim to be from New Zealand Post (but there may be other variants out there) and purport to be about an undelivered parcel. The email comes with an […]

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Mar 18

Cryptolocker Outbreak

18 March 2016 We have become aware of a new variant of the Cryptolocker malware that’s particularly nasty and is currently doing the rounds. Please copy this to anyone you feel will benefit from this heads up. Summary:The malware is arriving via email in the form of a Word Document claiming to be an Invoice.On opening the […]

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Feb 02

3 Half Truths of Cloud Computing

While adoption rates are high, the cloud still suffers from certain myths and half truths.This article, re-posted from, discusses 3 that everyone considering the cloud should be aware of. While there have been plenty of discussions about the increased usage of cloud technology among businesses, there are probably a few things that many people haven’t […]

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Dec 14

Outlook 2010 only starts in Safe Mode after installing KB3114409

After you install this Windows update, Outlook 2010 may start only in safe mode. This is a known issue and Microsoft have pulled this update.  To get back to normal, uninstall the update by following the instructions below:Windows 10Go to Start, enter View Installed Updates in the Search Windows box, and then press Enter.In the […]

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Nov 23

There are 3 Truths to Information Technology

There are 3 truths to Information Technology: Hardware will fail Software has bugs People will make mistakes We’ve been around technology long enough to know that everyone is affected by one or all of these at some stage. Our role is to lessen the effects of any or all of these for you as much […]

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Nov 16

A huge tipping point for NZ cloud computing providers and customers

Europe’s highest court has turned the US into a privacy pariah, and the fallout could have a major impact on New Zealand businesses.Tech companies and cloud computing providers, big and small alike, are staring down the barrel of increasingly uncertain privacy compliance challenges, as are their customers.This article first appeared in the National Business ReviewAnd […]

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Oct 10

Is Office 365 right for you?

When you partner with Caduceus Systems, part of the service is to review your existing infrastructure so you can make an educated decision on the best way forward in your organisation.

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