BIM for Facilities Management


Everyone involved in the process of owning, designing, constructing, managing & operating a building stands to gain from BIM.



If we realise that up to 90% of the cost of a building is the running and maintaining it over its lifetime, it is the Owners and Operators who eventually stand to gain the most by having buildings that are more energy and cost efficient to operate and produce better environments for the people and communities who use them. 

By using BIM, we can start accomplishing outcomes that were previously unattainable. Part of the excitement of BIM is uncovering these opportunities and realising the potential of these new processes and technology and how they can benefit your bottom line.

Caduceus BIM Management is providing
real benefits to Building Owners and Facilities Managers

Successful BIM projects requires
sound leadership and expert management

The role of the Project BIM Manager is to consult with all the relevant stakeholders to determine how BIM can be useful to them. This involves:

Educating stakeholders on the benefits of BIM.

Understanding the stakeholders’ requirements, processes and deliverables.

Developing a BIM Operations Plan that achieves measurable benefits, and ensuring they are followed.

With our broad range of Business Technology (IT), Design Technology and Consultancy experience, we understand how it all fits together; we can provide knowledge and direction not usually available within any one organisation.

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